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What is Brand Generated Content?

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could have your own customers encourage conversations about your company?

Did you know that user generated content brings the trust value to your audience?

Brand generated content is produced by your customers. It is voluntary and gives authenticity to your marketing.

Its very affordable as your customers are providing the content for you.

It can be a testimonial, product review or a video. Instagram and YouTube is also a platform for showing real people (a brands customer) communicating how they use or interact with the product of service.

Giving the audience a reason to interact with your brand in the form of a contest, awareness campaign, or a partnership with a charity can increase customer engagement.

Many brands use pets in their campaigns. You can’t go wrong with a photo and a story of a cute animal. It creates emotional bonding.

Perhaps you sell cat accessories. Having cats in videos using a scratching post brings user interaction and authenticity to your product. It makes your products more humanized than just a product description and a flat photo of the product.

Asking users to show their experiences with your product or service gets the conversation going.

Writing case studies are a great example for B2B businesses to show how valuable their product or service is. Case studies provide real life examples of how their company helped a customer. Use facts to back up your claims, but always tell a story. Your audience will be more enlightened.

Good Branding Reached Far Beyond Our Digital Tools

Make it a point to have personal live conversations with your customers to ask them how they are feeling. Ask what is happening in their business. These personal discussions are vital to help you plan your next marketing strategy, or perhaps improve upon a product or service you offer.

Humanize your content to success with your content strategy for 2020 and beyond.

About the Author-Leslie Cohen: With over ten years of experience at consumer startups, media companies, and an agency, Leslie brings new perspectives for content writing using her creativity along with being knowledgeable about data analytics, SEO, and sales copy. She is recognized for a full- hearted approach with colorful ideas that help you succeed with your marketing plans.


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