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Business Writer-Marketing Consultant


Empowering brands to put their customers first. 

 I excel at simplifying the intricate into compelling narratives that inspire action for your business.

With expertise in copywriting, content creation, journalism, and marketing strategies.  I specialize in crafting captivating messages that  bring new clients and entice existing ones through the persuasive power of words.

Let me weave the magic that elevates your brand story and drives success for your business.

Marketing communications professional with 20 + years of experience. 

Strong multi-tasking skills to support campaign development and manage others. Talented in identifying and capitalizing on emerging market trends and revenue opportunities that benefit your business.

Currently Editor in Chief for and

Former CBS News Los Angeles Local contributor for local events and business.

Former agency writer and producer for B2B and B2C clients.

Extensive background in software sales.
Want to know more? 
Resume available upon request.


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