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How a copyeditor improves the quality of your writing projects.

Have you ever wondered if you could improve readability and accuracy for your audience with your written content? Would you love to resolve issues that will enhance trust? Does your content need more focus so it flows and highlights your key points.? if you said, yes to all these questions- you need a copy editor.

Here's what a copyeditor can help you with.

Clarify the content to make it easier to read. Sometimes you will need to remove duplication and ambiguity and have a copy explain more simply complex terms and jargon.

Here's a scenario you may have experienced. You have hired a writer and they are familiar with the subject matter. They have experience working in your field and know the lingo and aspects of your industry. They understand industry-related facts required for your writing project. Sounds like a perfect match, doesn't it?

After reviewing the final draft, something was missing from the message you wanted to get across. It didn't address the needs of the reader and only talked endlessly about your products and services than a solution or challenge. There wasn't a buildup of a story. The call to action ( CTA) was weak. It had no swagger, no emotion, just a flat sentence that said, "Sign up for a free trial here."

There could be a few reasons the writer you hired missed a few steps. The headers weren't interesting enough to address customers' concerns, keeping the reader interested enough to read on. To say the least, you read the final draft, thinking it seemed ok. Equally important, someone from your sales team should have looked at this, as they are the ones getting the leads-but that did not happen.

As you can see, the article did not end up converting well.

Unbelievably, the piece is still valuable. Why? Because a great editor can turn it around with a and turn into a success. An editor needs to look past grammar and can understand your purpose and audience.

The moral of the story is that if you have old content that is not converting, let an editor look and see if the content is still valuable. You may not have to spend money for an entire rewrite.

It could be as easy as rewriting headers, H1- H2 etc. title tags and adding a new SEO strategy. Make sure the revision discusses customers concerns -not just the facts about you and industry statistics. The purpose needs to be revived. This is why a second set of eyes really makes sense.

Another scenario can happen when client sends back an article and rewrites many sentences, But - the customer is always right -huh? A good copy editor will be able to focus on text that may be lengthy or dull. Once the client sees the revision, they agree and are happy.

What can copy editors and proofreading accomplish for your writing projects?

  • Eliminate grammatical, typographical, and consistency errors.

  • Improving clarity, readability, and overall language quality.

  • Check the logical flow of ideas and understand critical thinking.

  • Use the correct terminology appropriate for the subject matter being discussed.

  • Improve SEO.

  • Use analytical skills.

  • Check facts.

  • Ensure the tone and style used are appropriate for the document’s purpose whether it’s a white paper, promotional web copy, speech, or presentation.

  • Adhere to journalistic and publisher style manuals.

  • Proof reading covers spelling, grammatical errors, and document consistency allowing your project to be better understood by your audience.

  • Understand writing in various fields, even if they know little about the subject matter. 2222

  • 24 Hour turnaround depending on length

Affordable prices.

AZ Publishers will offer a free critique of your first article. Aren't you curious to see how one of your revised articles by an editor can improve sales and get new business? For pricing information on click here


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