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How to Make the New Google Ad Words Settings Work for You

Google has announced changes to ad rotation settings for advertisers by simplifying the options. The changes went into effect on September 25th 2017.

Ad testing is important on paid search projects. Multiple ad testing gives you insights into what is performing well, and what’s not. Advertisers will set up an ad group and run multiple ads within that group.

What is changing For Google Ad Words? How “Optimize” and “Rotate indefinitely” Simplifies Your Settings

With Google’s advanced machine learning technology the optimize settings calculates with priority, which ads would perform better within the ad group.

“The Optimize” setting will pyramid up your ad auction based on search terms, location keyword and clicks. The choice of this setting increases better utilization and achievement of success for your campaign.

With the “rotate indefinitely” your ads will get an even rotation and are available for you where you can use these settings across an ad group. This setting will allow you to effectively utilize multiple rotation settings across one campaign.

Utilize Smart Bidding Strategies to Win Optimized Conversions

Utilizing Google machine technology, the automated process of Smart Bidding, a subset of bidding strategies to optimize conversions. With Smart Bidding AdWords will automatically use the optimize ad rotation setting.

Smart bidding strategies include:

  • Target CPA

  • Target ROAS

  • Maximize Conversions

  • Enhanced CPC

Machine learning algorithms allow you to target more accurate predictions on how different bid amounts could influence conversions and conversion value.

Contextual and Intent Signals and How Can They Benefit Your Campaign.

Contextual signals are browsing data characteristics about a person, such as page and product visited, or color choices looked at. These signals can be used to develop personalized communication, scalable with the largest of product catalogs.

The signals can be powerful insights on how to allocate funds on the users for advertising costs or individual discount offers presented to a potential buyer, increasing your ROI.

Intent Signals will help you distinguish buyers that are in the deep funnel part of the research phase.

Who are these searchers?

  • Placing many items in shopping cart then abandoning the cart.

  • Placing many items a wish list and coming back to the site on multiple days with no purchase.

  • Performing the above function for days or months, but not purchasing.

Knowing what these signals are allows you to target the right plan of action with your marketing efforts more effectively.

Intent signals will significantly impact the way we perform out content marketing strategies as well as our ad campaigns. Reading a person’s keyword search gives the advertiser a glass door to the ad strategies of converting lookers into buyers. Personal marketing campaigns are necessary to attract and keep buyers.

Which Google ad rotations should you end up choosing for your type of business size?

If you are a small business and you spend about 5K per month on your ad campaign and spend a few minutes per day handling your ads- choose "The Optimize Rotation."

Same holds true for a medium sized business that runs multiple campaigns for others or segments of their enterprise.

Why? Because Google will eventually over the long term pick up the most successful campaigns.

Three or more ads per group will yield the best results, as three or more ads in the same group will yield more clicks and impressions. Google states if there are more ads to choose from, you will receive a better performance on your ads.

Your marketing content should align with what you are trying to accomplish in your advertising strategy. This includes website copy,social media and video.

Need a better way to plan your content strategy to help capture more business?

Start planning the most captivating engaging content in the competitive market place of today. Coupled with the above information, you can skyrocket your business to increased profits.

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