34 Essential Tips to Getting the Best Results with Social Media for B2B Companies

Is your company not getting enough qualified leads that convert to a sale?

Thanks to social media it’s now easier than ever to decrease expensive ad buys and gain new customers organically.

Here are some of the best tips to get better results from your social media marketing.

Facebook has changed their algorithms. Brands have noticed a drop in visibility within the feeds, in part by users shifting over to Instagram.

More conversations happening in posts between fans, the more prioritized you will appear in Facebook's algorithm. Be sure to respond to the audience personally. Deal with negative feedback head-on. Forget generic replies to call 1-800 customer service. Engage- interact- and re-post positive user generated content.

  • Essentially, if you want more visibility on Facebook, you also have to pay to get it. To double your digital presence, you could invest a portion of your budget with pay to play advertising, and also participate in growing leads organically.

  • Organic reach has slowed. Be sure to get ahead and start posting fifteen minutes early to beat the crowd before you target market is mostly online. If you have access to analytics for Facebook, you can view when your audience is online. Diving deeper into the data pool check out Brandwatch.

  • Large B2B companies do well on Facebook because they can incorporate breaking news into their Facebook feeds about their products and services and highlight the company culture. Letting reviews appear on your Facebook pages gives good credence to customers and future employees.

  • Take advantage of "Facebook Live", where you have the opportunity to have fans engage in real time. Facebook will give your posts more visibility when they see other users engaging with the content.

"It (Twitter) closes the six degrees of separation to one degree of separation." - @garyvee

  • Twitter is a primary platform where B2B blog sharing it high. Place links in your tweets and you’re likely to get more shares.

  • Why Twitter? It’s pretty obvious that some of the most influential leaders and decision makers are on Twitter. Being involved in the community is a fantastic way for potential clients to hear what you’re all about.

  • Time your tweets. B2B users are most likely looking at Twitter while they're on public transportation going or coming home from work.Lunch hour can be a good time to tweet as many people eat lunch at their desk, looking to catch up with news.

  • Tools like Twiteroid and Followerwond will analyze your Twitter followers letting you know the best times to tweet.

  • Optimize your Twitter bio. Use relevant industry keywords. Keep your brands most engaging content pinned at the top.

LinkedIn users are usually on the website weekdays between 9: AM and 12:PM. Post fresh new content at that time and it's more likely to get read and shared.

  • If you are reaching international clients all over the world, check your international time zones to schedule posts at the proper times.

  • Comment on other popular posts from influencers in your industry on your social feeds. Do not use the like button or just say amazing article and stop there. That gets you nowhere with the person who posted.

  • Make a standout relative comment showing you are an authority on this particular subject, or write an opinion about the post. Other participants will take notice, and you're more likely to get noticed from the author, and other industry influencers commenting.

Videos produce more traffic and bring in positive results.

  • Understand social networks want to keep users on their sites, but your goal is to get them to your site. Using chatbots also know as messenger bots are effective in getting the audience over to your website.

  • Take written marketing material and start repurposing it by producing new videos to get your message out. Place videos on all platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube, etc. You never know where your customers will be at any one given time, or what their preference is for reading, watching and listening.

  • Use video on your social network pages and websites. Videos can even replace a landing page. Make them short and attractive. Videos increase conversions by 20% according to Renderforest.

  • People are more likely to remember the visuals instead of paragraphs. Videos increase engagement on social platforms more than any other type of content.

  • Make sure the videos are relative to the audience. Answer and address questions to get them to engage and share just like a landing page would do, or a click funnel.

How short of long should my content be for social sharing?

  • Long-form articles don’t necessarily guarantee higher shares. Shorter form content is most likely shared at the time it is read. Long-form content has a greater chance of being bookmarked for another time when the recipient must spend 15 minutes or more reading it.

  • With today's low attention span, readers are looking for tips and information that can help them quickly perform better in their job. Then, the other hand there are statistics that's a long form B2B content gets more shares than short form content.

  • Consistently update and develop your long form copy by repurposing it into a shorter easier format. You'll cover your bases to appeal to the impatient reader.

  • When posting to get your content shared make sure that it's 80% about your customer and 20% about you. That's a good rule to follow for success. People like to share content help others. So if your business is providing solutions it's more likely to get shared.

  • Direct your audience to Top List Posts published on your website. They are very popular and tend to get shared a lot. They have more of a chance of going viral. Make the list in depth as they will perform better in the search engines to drive traffic to your website. Don't get stuck on the number 10, make it 13, 17,or 29.

  • When placing links in your content to another website that has authority, use the author's name after the link. Reach out to that person and tell them you gave them a mention in your article. They're most likely to share it with others, giving you additional visibility and credibility-especially with an influencer in your industry.

  • Get your customers to leave testimonials on your social network as comments. This is especially important when potential customers are new to visiting your social media. The best references come from other customers that you've already done business with. This helps gain trust about your business and services to new potential clients.

  • Offer your best customers an incentive to give your company a mention or share in their social media posts. Cross-marketing recommendations go a long way for both parties.

  • Produce inbound marketing projects that teach your customers something, or enlighten them with a story. If you have a star employee who had a recent accomplishment, why not share it with others in the form of a case study, white paper, guide or eBook. The title can be "How Brian Foster Was Able to Exceed Sales Growth Year-Over-Year Company with This One Little Trick.”

  • Social media is one of the best places to capture leads with free downloads to information. This is where your relationships with customers flourish.

Headlines are Powerful

  • Headlines that include these terms “How- To” “Ways To” "Do You Know" and “This is Why” are examples of how to start your headline. These words grab attention.

  • Longer headlines between 14-17 words get more social tracking than shorter headlines.

  • If you can write a headline that shows evidence to support scientific or factual evidence of a claim in your articles, you just might win thousands of shares. This article "Stem Cell Treatment Could Be A Game-Changer for MS Patients Published on Time.com, by Alice Park on 2018-3-19 received 561,000 shares.

  • Let your headlines make customers aware you are helping them about something. Make them curious so they want to click on them to read. Cultivating curiosity is the goal. Harvard Business review wrote a must-read article about why curiosity matters.

  • Produce content in several languages. Target ads to people based on locations if you need to capture business in different countries. Facebook gives you some of the best options to make this ad strategy work for you.

Let's not rule out Podcasting.It's a great tool to share value to your customers and build a relationship with your audience.


Infographic Source:https://www.podcastinsights.com/podcast-statistics/


Make sure your sales and marketing teams are aligned together. Salespeople are knowledgeable about the pain points from current customers, and potential customers.

Armed with this information, the marketing teams can produce more effective content that is more useful for the audience.

Take action with organic marketing as opportunities will always exist to build up your arsenal of content. Ways to maintain authority will mostly come from paid search going forward.

You can read more about how White Papers and Case Studies are a must-have marketing tool for B2B companies here.

Now that you have learned ways to get your content noticed, producing content that is appealing to the user is a special craft on its own.

Work with a professional who really understands how to market and sell your business to the audience with the right words.

Need some new fresh ideas and content? AZ Publishers can help to engage your audience and whip up some fresh new ideas you may not have thought of.

Author: Leslie Cohen is an experienced content writer and producer. Formerly a published writer for CBS News Local Los Angeles and former Managing Partner for CWEB.com. She currently works with companies producing content and advising them on retail strategies for new products coming to market. Her specialty is writing white papers and guides, and producing full scale copy for websites- from creatives, blogs,product descriptions and direct response marketing.

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