Secrets For Small Remodeling and Staging Projects That Guarantee Your Home Will Sell

When you are selling your home, you can reap the investment return you deserve from a home buyer with some affordable remodeling projects.

It's a good idea to improve the visual aspects of your home that make it well positioned to sell for top value against other properties in your area you may competing with in sellers market.

Even if the home is older and in need of some changes, you can command a higher selling price with some affordable remodeling projects . Yes, you can exceed buyer's expectations that will lead you to a sale resulting in an offer above your asking price. Your realtor will know the hot sellers in your neighborhood and what criteria are being met in the homes are selling with multiple offers.

There are a few things to factor in when making small remodeling projects successful when selling your home Don't forget the considerations that buyers are having in today's market and their journey into the home buying process.

What are the interior design trends for homes in your neighborhood that have sold nearby?

  • What are the age ranges of the buyers coming to see your home?

  • What are their lifestyle and habits? Are they city dwellers or country folks?

  • What are their family needs?

  • Do they have pets?

  • What are their transitional needs coming from another home?

  • Are they downsizing or looking for more space?

  • Do they work at home?

If the home is older and in need of some changes, in order to command a higher selling price, you can affordably prepare your home to command top dollar with some remodeling.

Here’s How To Lead Your Home To Winning "Sold."

Every new prospective buyer will have certain criteria that they are looking for in a home. You never know exactly what that person is looking for when they unexpectedly walk into your open house. While your home may not appeal to every home buyer, there are certain steps you can take to let them see the vision of how your home will fit their needs.

You Get More Light and Space With An Open Concept Design.

The design trends for homes today are an open concept. The open kitchen with no separated walls flows into the family room or living space. Large open doors that seem invisible will transcend out to the patio or garden area, creating an endless feeling of open space.

Generation X, ages 38 to 53 are making up the buyers for the real estate market of today. The rest of the buyers will be the millennial's from ages 21-37 years old. Each group will have a different lifestyle, needs, and preferences.

Samantha DeBianchi Realtor and Star of The Hit TV Show" Million Dollar Listing Miami", and founder of DeBianchi Real Estate predicts home prices should continue to rise about four percent in 2018. She says 12 percent fewer homes are on the market this year. Samantha says since inventory is lower, many sellers may stay in their homes longer and remodel instead of buying new. Price, interest rates, and location are what buyers are focused on these days to get the best deal possible.

Pay attention to the outdoor space. We’re not just talking curb appeal.

The backyard and other outdoor areas on the side of the home are just as important as the exterior front entrance. Make the investment is some modern outdoor patio seating that exemplifies entertaining and family gatherings.

Adding an outdoor fire or a tabletop fire pit is an economical way to show home buyers they can entertain in their new home. Is there a wall blocking the view to your garden? Knock it down and build a wall of all glass doors to showcase a beautiful view. The home will look twice as large.

Capitalizing on what was once thought as unusable space immediately makes buyers see more value in your home.

Be creative with those small walkways on the side of the house. Installing some waterfalls or fountains mixed in the nicely landscaped greenery will add peace and tranquility. If there is a window in one of your rooms that happens to look out to a walkway, enhancing the walkway will certainly create beauty and increase the aesthetic value of the home.

If your budget is virtually non-existent for a waterfall remodel consider purchasing numerous larger or medium size indoor waterfalls. Try setting them on stands in a row for a pleasing waterfall effect.

Another option is to purchase a large or medium outdoor waterfall and strategically place it somewhere in your garden. The soothing effects of any waterfall will maintain a tranquil and peaceful setting to your home that will please many buyers.

Lighting Can Increase The Value of Your Home

Smart technology upgrades in lighting can make your home more efficient and also impress buyers. The ease is already built in for energy efficiency and safety. Outdoor smart lighting dimmer and motion sensor products will increase the security of your property. LED lighting for your home's interior is can increase your home value by up to three percent according to Consumer Reports.

Smart technology homes will appeal to new buyers. If you want top price for your home, add some new technology to wow the new buyer. Smart technology features in heating and air conditioning show energy savings, along concerns for the environment. This is especially true when buyers are looking for Green Energy homes. LIFX’s smart lights used with Microsoft’s Cortana is an option for smart lighting technology.The light bulbs also work with and includes support for Nest, Amazon, and Echo.

High-efficiency windows Are The Soul To Energy Savings

If your window sills are rotting and the windows are old, consider energy efficient windows. Not only will your home save money on heating and air conditioning bills, new windows will also block out noise from outside. Energy Star certified windows can lower your home’s energy up to 15 percent.

Painting The Interior Walls

Adding a pop of color with paint according to Zillow, in colors such as periwinkle and blue in bathrooms seemed to attract buyers increase prices of homes about $1,200.00 Kitchens with neutral grey and blue attract buyers and command a small uptick in price about $1,054.00

Taupe and oatmeal tones and soft grey in the living room also excite buyers. The tones are warm and inviting. Whatever your furniture style, the colors mix well with mid-century modern to antique furnishings.

With any remodeling concept take into account the style of the homes in the neighborhood, what's selling and what is not selling. Get out and look at the houses that are selling commanding high premiums. You can gain some insight on some great ideas and what other sellers are doing to sell their home successfully. Alternatively, you can get a sense what it is like to be in the buyer’s shoes and how they may critique your home.

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