How to Decorate Your Home With Black Tile And Increase Your Homes Value To The Sophisticated Buyer

Modernize Your Home With A Whole New Level of Sophistication

There is a new trend in decorating with tile.Decorating with black tile can transform your home to into new heights of sophistication,giving your home a modern dramatic look of chic elegance.If you seek something outside the norm, the look is timeless and works with both modern and more traditional homes.

You cannot go wrong with the "wow factor" and sophisticated look that black tile can give to your home. Today's home buyers look for the latest new trends in the modern homes of today. Yes, you can incorporate this look into a traditional older home, giving it more visual appeal.

With different finishes,shapes and color tones,designing with tile in black is becoming the new classic in home remodeling and new construction projects.Black tile gives any room a dramatic look of elegance and sophistication.

Texture Choices and Combinations

Consider black shiny subway tile with white grout for a standout back splash look in the kitchen. The white grout will help break up the black tile, allowing it stand out even more.

Dark tile floors give a dramatic hue to kitchen flooring with white marble counter tops and white cabinets.

Rich black porcelain glass tiles in your shower paired with white subway wall tile give any old bathroom an updated look.

Choosing shiny tile over matt tile for the bathroom stall looks exquisite under natural light bouncing off the walls. Consider choosing brass fixtures, which gives a warmer contrast.

How to Clean Tile Floors

Tile floors will need extra care depending on the type of tile used.The beauty of them is certainly worth the extra care.Especially with porcelain polished tile, make sure to avoid any type of "acid wash" based products and cleaners that contain any bleach or ammonia. It will discolor grout joints and may form a buildup on the tile, making it more difficult to clean as time goes on.

Any detergent used should be diluted with water by 50% less than the amount used on an unpolished porcelain tile floor. Finish up with mopping with water and dry mopping to avoid any water spots. Consider non- toxic floor cleaners such as "Bona", sold at Bed Bath and Beyond, or "Tile and Stone Cleaner" available at Home Depot.

What Type of Tile is Best for Each Room?

Entrance Way- Slip Resistance Slate

If you are adding tile to your entrance way, consider slip resistant slate, which prevent slips and falls for those coming in from the rain and inclement weather. Using dark grout looks great with dark tile and hides the look of dirt 100 percent.

Kitchen and Bath Stain Resistant Porcelain

Stain resistant- glazed porcelain is easy to clean, less porous and more resistant to water. The tiles come in a wide variety of styles for indoor and outdoor use.

The pros always recommend a darker shade for grout. Black or gray hues are ideal as stains will not show as much, if at all. This tile is also more scratch resistant making it a great choice for high-traffic areas like the kitchen and dining areas, and the family room. Porcelain tile is also fire proof and can last for decades.

Porcelain tile color runs all the way through the tile, and are called full-body tiles. When color is completely throughout the tile, they don't show wear, making them a consideration for commercial applications.

Small tiles known as hex tiles create an inviting look to a shower stall. To prevent showing of dirt, use black, or dark gray grout with a matt black tile for a bathroom or kitchen floor.

Bathroom-Mosaic Tile

If you are placing the tile in a bathroom, small mosaic tile is an excellent option.

They come in lightweight 12 x 12 sheets, which makes for an easier install.

In the bathroom where more water usually gets on the floor, it is one of the best choices as the grout lines are tighter,and the floor has more traction.

For shower stalls, consider tiles that give a luxurious look, such as glass tiles. While these types of tiles are more expensive, they are more water and mildew resistant because they are not as porous.

You can get more creative with the placement of the tile, creating endless color combinations and designs.The only disadvantage is the price, which is about $7.00 per square foot. It's advised to hire an expert on the installation of glass mosaic tile. Repairs can also be costly, but if this fits your budget, it is a great choice to increase the beauty of your home.

Living Room-Travertine Tile

Oversized travertine tile is best suited for large spaces such as a living room or dining room, and gives a more dramatic effect to the room.They can also be used throughout the home and they look spectacular all throughout a ranch style home. If you live in a colder climate, talk to your installer about radiant floor heating. They are also ideal for hotter climates as they give a cool touch to the foot.

Do you still want white in your bathroom, but need some depth? Incorporate black tile in a private area as the shower, while still keeping white or other soft hues as the main color theme.This is the perfect way to use black tile while still not forgoing your white and other colored accents. Mix and match tile colors when you don't want to go all black. You will still obtain a standout look in a portion of the room without giving up on white.

Photo by Crystal Creek Homes

Photo by Avante Interiors - More traditional kitchen photos

It's not just ultra modern homes that can carry the black tile look. Older homes in need of updating look fantastic with black slate tile.

Tile Ratings Every Shopper Should Be Aware Of

Tiles have ratings.When shopping for tile it is advisable to be familiar with the ratings so you can know what to expect from your purchase.

  • PEI Class 1 Rating (No foot traffic) - Recommended for wall use only in residential and commercial applications.

  • PEI Class 2 Rating (Light traffic) - Recommended for both wall use and bathroom floor applications.

  • PEI Class 3 Rating (Light to moderate traffic) - Recommended for countertops, walls, and floors where normal foot traffic is expected.

  • PEI Class 4 Rating (Moderate to heavy traffic) - Recommended for all residential applications as well as medium commercial and light institutional.

  • PEI Class 5 Rating (Heavy to extra heavy traffic) - Recommended for all residential as well as heavy commercial and institutional applications.

Rating Chart Credit from

Would you consider using black tile for decorating your home? Please let us know what you did to incorporate the color into your home.Feel free to send us a photo of your transformation and we may just use it in our next article on home remodeling.

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