How to Score Free Flights and Accommodations and Stay Almost Anywhere for Free

Do you have a passion for something like giving back to the community, traveling to distant lands, and meeting new people? If so, there are many options to travel for free.

Teaching English Abroad

If you are a native English speaker and are interested in traveling abroad, there are companies that can help you accomplish your dreams. Some companies offer free trips to distant lands and offer a free place to stay with meals provided. One such company that does this is "Diverbo". If you have an interest in traveling to Spain or Germany The requirement is that you must be a native English speaker.They do not offer free airfare, but accommodations and meals are provided in a very attractive setting.

View their calendar as you need to book in advance for you to travel to the destination of your dreams.You will meet other foreigners from their native lands. You will be working quite a few hours teaching people English but you will have enough time to do a lot of sightseeing while having a lot of fun. It is a wonderful experience to mingle with a diverse group of people from other cultures that come to teach for discounted traveling benefits.There are many social activities available when you are not teaching, such as sporting activities, tennis, basketball, and swimming in the pool.The experience will be very rewarding, not to mention making a lot of new friends.

Visit their website-

Traveling Nurses

If you are a professional nurse and feel the need to help others in a different environment of your own check out working as a travel nurse. You will get paid a salary.The website advertises that you have the potential to make up to $10,000 per month.They do require you to work at least 50-100 miles from your current locations.

"Continental Travel Nurse" based in London allows you to travel from the USA to Europe England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. The agency will work with you on accommodations that suit your needs. You receive paid vacation time up to 30 days and receive health benefits.

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Abroad Study Programs

What better way to gain exposure to other cultures and languages than to take up a work study programs abroad.Educate yourself in foreign lands with international studies.

CHA, known as the "Cultural Heritage Alliance." is for students interested in studying abroad. Whether you are a teacher or a student, you can participate in their programs. CHA is best known for students that are interested in history and language studies.Tour locations include Asia, Europe, and the South Pacific.

Headquartered in London, CHA connects students and teachers to travel abroad to teach and study with a focus on visiting popular historic spots. Teachers from colleges and high schools gather students together from programs within the school in advance to prepare for tours abroad. It’s a great option for students and teachers alike, to make new friends and experience different cultural activities as if you were living there.

CHA tours are not free, but there are a lot of advantages to traveling this way. Not only does it further your education, the experience gives you the chance to brush up on your foreign language skills, meet new people, and bond with your classmates and teachers.

CHA also has value tours that include round trip airfare. Some of them have five nights in three and four- star hotels with breakfast and dinner included every day. Transportation is usually provided by private motor coach. With special sightseeing and walking tours, you'll be able to take advantage of many special attractions.

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Arrange Group Tours Travel for Free

If you can gather up a group of people and arrange a tour, you can travel absolutely for free. One website that helps you do that is "YMT Vacations".

The website has different offerings for reduced costs for your trip, or free airfare for you, the group leader for larger bookings. The larger the group you arrange, the bigger the reward for you as the group leader. In order to get rewarded, all travel arrangements and accommodations are made through the site for all of your group or a minimum amount of them to get you qualified for credits.

Check the website for more information.

Another website that lets you get discounted travel is "Go Ahead Tours". They have tours that go all over the world, from Europe to the Middle East. if you book a tour for six or more people, you will travel free.They offer dedicated tour consultants for your group. They also have a 'Global Rewards Program" that lets you keep earning perks every time you travel. They will also work with you on a customized tour for groups of fourteen or more.

Visit their website:

Work on an Organic Farm

Get green and get free healthy food and accommodations volunteering on an organic farm in an exotic country. Want to feel more connected to your body and health, while meeting people that have the same passion?

The website connects people in over 30 countries who are looking to volunteer. For free accommodations and food, you work on the farms for 4-6 hours per day. If you love camping trips and living off the land, and healthy eating, this opportunity is for you.

Each country that "Woof" accommodates has different offerings for lodgings. Be sure to check their website for facts and information on the different countries offerings. Activities on the host's compounds are, gardening, planting, sowing, cutting wood, wine making and bread making to name a few.

Visit their website:

For any journey, you are about to embark upon, make sure to do research for ratings and reviews. Everyone has different requirements for their travel plans, and it is a good idea to use reviews as a general guide when booking anything with the companies listed above.


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