Daryl Katz NHL Team Owner and Silver Pictures Financier Bribes Actress Greice Santo $1.5 Million for

Actress-model Greice Santo is caught up again with another high-profile executive trying to offer her money in exchange for serial encounters. NHL owner and financiers of Silver Pictures which produced blockbuster movies such as, The Book of Eli, The Matrix Series, and Sherlock Holmes. Katz told her that he could get her into some major roles, but giving her tons of money instead and that he would prefer this arrangement so he could have sex with her.

The meeting between Santos and Katz was back in 2015 at a photo shoot for Viva Glam Magazine. Another meeting occurred in Beverly Hills at the Peninsula Hotel. Katz figured she may have thought to meet him for his offer for sex, and conveniently lure her up to a room at the hotel. That did not happen. But Variety reports that “Santo says that although she spurned Katz’s advances, she later received two wire transfers totaling $35,000." Santo tells Variety that this is a common practice in the Hollywood world between high-profile make executives and upcoming actresses. She states, unfortunately, enough girls don't come public with this.

Katz's attorney, Dennis Roach states the lawsuit filed by Santo is extortion and play for publicity The lawsuit names Mr. Bunting and his company that represents Katz. Santo’s husband, R.J. Cipriani filed the suit this week. Santo’s husband, R.J. Cipriani is a gambler and an FBI Informant.

This is not the first-time Santo has been a high-profile sexual encounter request defamation legal issue. The Daily Mail website reported that John Stamos sent a 1/2 naked photo of himself to the actress to booty call her to his hotel room. Celebrity actor John Stamos stated he may be able to get her a role in Grandfathered. The two did meet up later, and Santo claims it was harmless flirtation and nothing happened sexually. They had dinner at his place and that was it, she said. Santo said she was a bit appalled that Stamos would send a photo like that to her.

Santo's husband, Robert “RJ” Cipriani, was the FBI informant that was majorly responsible for the prosecutions of a big drug case, posing as a money launderer in a case that involved Owen Hanson and his alleged associates.

A crime novel type story of a case involving a former USC player, Owen Hanson, involved in an international gambling and drug trafficking ring, along with a concert promoter, formerly who had booked big talents like Fleetwood Mac and Kiss for the Australian stages, and a cage fighter turned Weight-loss health expert. Not to mention the guy who shows up with the gun to your head to make you pay your gambling debts-whose name was known to be "Animal". Also involved as a Hollywood private investigator, and not let's forget the ex- NFL player, Derek Loville from the Denver Broncos who pleaded guilty selling drugs such as oxycodone, and ecstasy, to name a few.

Robert “RJ” Cipriani, Greice Santo's husband was largely responsible for the prosecutions in Australia and San Diego against Los Angeles resident Owen Hanson and his alleged associates. Cipriani is known to be a very outspoken personality seeking attention to himself about disclosed involvement in the case and bragging about potential movie rights for this crime saga of ODOG Enterprises.

The FBI gathered significant evidence in the case when Cipriani tipped off law enforcement to some of Hanson’s activities. The defense is stating that Cipriani is the linchpin of this case and he should not be called to testify and are trying to undermine his credibility, because he has past incidences with the law, and he is not credible.

Cipriani, originally from Philadelphia, learned the art of the hustle gambler at a very young age. He ventured into gambling in the Atlantic City casinos, and then frequently became known as the Robin Hood 702 persona. The 702 Las Vegas area, where he hung with high profile people in Hollywood and in the gambling world. He was a brazen personality around the gambling scene, giving away money to those in need to the tune of about 1 million dollars.

Cipriani was on a Robin Hood trip to Australia and met up with Hanson and the crime story could only get more enticing with all the people that he ended up getting involved in the ODOG Enterprises gambling operation run out of Peru using runners and bookies and bad guy enforcers collecting unpaid gambling debts. Hanson gave Cipriani $1.5 million to gamble when they met in Australia. The two connected when Hanson's wife arranged a meeting between the two. Cipriani and she used to date. Prosecutors believe this woman had ties to the drug cartel in Mexico.

How did Santos meet Cipriani? More on that later. In the meantime, stay tuned for updates on what is to be a riveting story that has not yet ended. Perhaps Cipriani was right- this case does speak "Movie Deal." Presently Cipriani is presently banned from gambling casinos and Katz accused Santo and her husband of trying to extort 3 million dollars out of him. Cipriani accuses Bunting of damaging his relationship with a New York Post editor, in the lawsuit filed.

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