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Copy Editing and Proofreading Services Specializing in News, Long Form Content, and E-Commerce Content

       What a copyeditor/proofreader does.

  • Eliminate grammatical, typographical, and consistency errors.

  • Improving clarity, readability, and overall language quality.

  • Check the logical flow of ideas and understand critical thinking.

  • Use the correct terminology appropriate for the subject matter being discussed.

  • Improve SEO.

  • Use analytical skills.

  • Factchecking.

  • Ensure the tone and style used are appropriate for the document’s purpose whether it’s a white paper, promotional web copy, speech, or presentation.

  • Adhere to journalistic and publisher style manuals.

  • Proof reading covers spelling, grammatical errors, and document consistency allowing your project to be better understood by your audience. 

  • Understand writing in various fields, even if they know little about the subject matter.

  • 48 Hour turnaround depending on length and scope.

  • Affordable prices.

You want to work with an experienced editor. I am the Managing Editor for and news websites managing a team of writers. I have provided writing and editing services for over fifteen years.

For information on pricing for 500-50,000 words please go here.

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