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 White Paper Writing Services

  •  White Papers are an essential part of your sales strategy. They are a key driver to help capture the highest quality leads that convert.  They build your brand presence and are social media friendly. THey are one of the number one tools to help you build authority.

  • White papers strongly influence the  decision-making process. White papers are different than blogs. They discuss in length logical arguments based on facts. 

  • The audience for white papers are decision makers, and executives who make recommendations to their co-workers. If you are writing a technical report, they are highly read by the IT staff.

  • They especially work well when your have a long sales process. Use them early in the sales cycle for faster lead conversions.

  •  B2C companies are also writing white papers to convince users about products. For example, who doesn't want to know what's really in the ingredients of a food or beauty product, and how your  product meets industry standards better than your competition. Let customers discover what sets you apart from the rest. 

I Write White Papers That Influence Customers and Get More Sales For Your Business


What I Put Together For You

Define the purpose and the goal.

Layout the strategy.

Produce the right content that fits into the sales cycle.

Optimized for your target audience.

Perform relevant  research.

SEO Implementation and Analytics.

Graphics- Charts- Photo's- Style.

Work with your in-house designer.

Meet the deadline requested.

Design a landing page.


Roadmapping available for any project 
(fees will apply)

Yes,I want to capture high converting leads for my business. 

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