About Me


I am a published copywriter for the digital media and corporate communications space. Your project is planned to integrate with your marketing objectives. Expert understanding of how to produce projects that are written in your brand's voice getting your audience to buy your products and services. 


I use my skills to uncover your buyers behavior. General persona's are not enough. Has your content failed up against the competition? Perhaps its time to start thinking differently about the path you have taken to capture new customers. Stop treating buyers like groups. Treat them as individuals. Time and time again you ask- Why is my content not converting?  Look no further, let's solve this problem. Once you understand why people purchase, I will implement the correct content strategy to attract, capture and convince.




I am committed to maintaining journalistic excellence and integrity with a wide range of writing styles. Clients have looked to me for marketing creativity and building brand awareness with written content. I keep a finger on the pulse of what's going on in the B2C and B2B markets. My writing includes implementing 2018 SEO practices.I am a conversion rate optimization/lead generation writer. That's good news for you!  


My skills in sales and biz-development executive  positions has given me the skills to convince, attract and convert customers. I closed eBay as a client working with an intellectual software company. I collaborated with the IT Team, and legal team to close the deal. Currently, I have closed agreements with Sears, KMart, Walmart and Groupon for companies I am involved in. I have run businesses in e- commerce. I understand what needs to be done to convert customers to paying ones. 




I have written for CBS News Los Angeles Local, CWEB, Seeking Alpha, AEG Entertainment, Pop Fashion News, and  Examiner,Pop Fashion News, People Finders, Eating Europe, Company Box. Pros Software, Simple Wag, Flobile, Worldfirst and Guardian Booth to name a few. 

My  paralegal background writing discovery for lawsuits for over 200 cases with a major law firm in Century City, California taught me attention to detail, as well as the art of negotiation. From 2014 to present, I assist a client in drafting compelling complaints, motions, appeals, interrogatories, production of documents, trial briefs, and declarations for civil and federal court cases in California. For this client, I have also won numerous office actions for registered trademarks with the U. S. Trademark Office and WIPO with my research and written responses.